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Please select from our Dry Cleaning/Garment Presses below

Item Qty Type Description Picture
1125 1 COAT-A-MATIC Hoffman Coat-A-Matic New Yorker Steam Press Model #3545
1130 1 Coat-O-Matic Hoffman New Yorker Garment Press
1309 1 Garment Press Hoffman/ New Yorker Garment Press
1378 1 Hoffman FX42 Manual Foot Press Hoffman Utiliity Dry Cleaning Press
1276 Hoffman New Yorker Hoffman New Yorker Nigh Heat Aluminum Topper
1275 1 Hoffman New Yorker Legger Hoffman New Yorker High Heat Aluminum Flat Legger
1278 1 Hoffman New Yorker Pants Legger Hoffman New Yorker NV-Matic
1277 1 Hoffman New Yorker Pants Topper Hoffman New Yorkder NV Matic Garment Press
1388 1 Honeywell Step Controller Honeywell Step Controller
1211 1 L8S Legger - Air operated New Yorker
1020 1 L8S Manual Hoffman  
1012 1 M1 Mushroom Topper Air Operated New Yorker
1073 9 NY Model # SEAM1 -Toppers New Yorker Air Operated Toppers - Model # SEAM1
1021 1 SEAL-4 Air Operated Legger New Yorker  
1399 1 Seam Buster for Apparel Flat Aluminum Buck Seam Buster for Pants
1022 1 SEAT-11 Air Opeated Topper New Yorker  
1447 1 Spotting Board Cissell Spotting Board
1280 3 SS Esteel Electircal Steam Combination SS Esteel Electrical Steam Flat Legger Press Combination
1302 1 Utility Press Self-Contained Hoffman SGFX42 Self-Contained Manual Utility Press

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