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Reimers Electric Stainless Steel Boiler Information
Item Number1379
MachineReimers Electric Stainless Steel Boiler
DescriptionModel #SJR/SAF
Reimers stainless steel boilers are manufactured for ultra pure steam applications.
  • Clean steam generator for autoclaves
  • Ultra pure steam for medical research, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.
  • Pure steam humidifier.
  • Steam sterilizing.
    These stainless steel boilers are ideal for clean steam generation in that they can be located near the process reducing contamination introduced by steam piping. The saturated steam from these boilers can be controlled as to pressure, which will vary the temperature and BTU transfer of the steam.
    ASME (PEB 5.3) stipulates that boilers constructed of Austenitic Stainless Steel be operated on deionized water only Having a minimum specific resistivity of 1 megohm/cm
  • 1.5/8 KW
  • .6/.8 BHP
  • 5/27 # per Hr
  • Pacified pressure vessel and heating elements.
  • Boilers stackable for larger applications.
  • Reimers Electric Stainless Steel Boiler

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