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Reimer RH Series Electric Boiler HP Pump Information
Item Number1372
MachineReimer RH Series Electric Boiler HP Pump
DescriptionRH MODELS -( H.P. PUMP WATER FEED) Include high pressure feed water-pumping system assembled and wired to boiler. Equipped with adjustable pressure control and manual reset hi-limit control, heavy duty magnetic contactors, combination low water cut-off and water controller, 150# forged steel, flange mounted heating elements with stainless steel sheathing, solenoid valve, strainer, pressure gauge, ASME safety valve, check valve, blowdown valve, steam outlet valve, water gauge glass, off-on switch with pilot light. Shell is of ASME construction wrapped in 2" fiberglass insulation & encased with 20 ga. Stainless Steel jacket.
  • Models R-10, R-20, KW 10/20, BHP 1.0/2.0, Lbs/Hr. 34 /69< LI>R-30 with 600 Volt rating = 2.5BHP/25KW, KW30, BHP 3.0, Lbs/Hr. 104.
  • Reimer RH Series Electric Boiler HP Pump

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