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Slip Coupling, Shrink Sleeve Information
Item Number1197
MachineSlip Coupling, Shrink Sleeve
DescriptionSlip Coupling Can be used for joining any two straight ends of tubing or fittings. The slip coupling is a solid sleeve that fits the OD of the joint which can be glued, brazed, welded, or covered by a shrink sleeve. - 2-1/8" to 14" OD - Wall Thickness: 16, 14, 12 Gauge - Materials: Carbon, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized), Stainless, Aluminum - Slotted Joining Method Also Available Shrink Sleeve A heat shrinkable polyolefin band that literally shrinks and encircles the connection giving it mechanical strength and a positive seal. It can be used in conjunction with a slip coupling or when using expanded fittings. Gluing, brazing and welding operations are eliminated. Slotted Joining Method Also Available --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Slip Coupling, Shrink Sleeve

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