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Industrial Vacuum Standard Elbows Information
Item Number1190
MachineIndustrial Vacuum Standard Elbows
DescriptionInventories include a wide range of parts: Standard Elbows (2-1/2" times OD) Short Radius Elbows (1-1/2" times OD) Long Radius Bends (over 2-1/2" times OD) Smooth, wrinkle free elbows Wall Thicknesses: 16, 14, 12, (11 Gauge Available in Straight Ends Only) (2-1/8" to 4" OD = 16 Gauge) (5" to 8" OD = 14 Gauge) (10" to 14" OD = 12 Gauge) Materials: Carbon, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized), Stainless, Aluminum 30 and 60 Elbows Available 11 Gauge Elbows Available (Straight Ends Only) Expanded Ends Standard Through 6" Size Expanded One End Available Straight Ends Available on All Sizes by Request
Industrial Vacuum Standard Elbows

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